Date : 2013
Type : Indie game
State : Released
Team : Romain Aymard, Martin Rabier

Description : BubbleDozer is a fun and addictive mix between a pinball game and a puzzle game. It’s really simple to play with : use your finger to throw a bubble and try to destroy the others. You score when you destroy a bubble.

There is 4 game modes:
  • *Adventure mode: progress through levels to unlock gameplay improvements and new themes
  • *Arcade mode: 10 levels and 3 life to go as far as you can
  • *Classic mode: simplicity, nothing more.
  • *Multiplayer mode: join your friends and all the bubbledozer players across the world in asynchronous games.
Keywords : Unity 3D, C#, iOS, Android, Objective-C, Java, Apple Push Notifications, Google Cloud Messaging, Scoreloop SDK

Links : Google Play Store
Apple AppStore : Coming Soon

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