Date : 2013-2014
Type : Personal Project
State : Begining, abandoned but not forever !
Team : Martin Rabier

Description : SMartyRugby is a Rugby AI project developed with Unity3D in C#. It's a big project, putting together two of my passions, rugby and video games. The main goal is to get players able to do what they have to do based on situation, position (role), caracteristics, player trends...

The first use of this engine will be a "one player" rugby game like 'Libero Grande' in football, to learn what to do for each rugby position, playing with IA teammates.
Engine could also be used for a classic rugby game (with player change) or rugby manager game.
Finish this engine is kind of a dream, it will be hard but if I have to, I will finish it after retirement!

Keywords : Artificial Intelligence, Rugby, Unity 3D, C#

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