YouRiding Surf / Bodyboard IV

Date : 2011/2012/2013
Type : Professional game
State : Released
Team : Intellysurf Team

Description : Surfing and Bodyboarding game developed for Webplayer with Unity 3D.
Lead developer on this project, I was in charge of engine development, managing 2 developers and a graphist.
After engine development, I was producer during a 6 month continuous improvement phase of the product, using Agile development methods based on 2 weeks iterations and managing a 6 persons team(game designers, graphists, backend and game developers).
Main tasks: Project management, Physics, Wave rendering optimization, Integration of graphist production

Keywords : Physics, Optimization, C#, Unity 3D, Project Management,A gile, Producer

Links : Surfing game
Bodyboarding game

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